SABIS® Student Management System

All students are entitled to learn in a positive, well-managed environment. To achieve this goal, all members of the IAF team work together to create a community of learners.


The Director

  • Sets the tone
  • Coaches and mentors staff
  • Makes final decisions regarding discipline


The Teachers

  • Have high expectations
  • Teach "discipline"
  • Teach & practice procedures & routines
  • Uphold school rules
  • Practice effective classroom management
  • Act as role models


The Student Life Coordinator

  • Establishes the culture
  • Motivates students & gets them involved
  • Adds an objective and positive perspective
  • Is a key player


The Student Management Coordinator

  • Helps students want to be good
  • Understands that positive consequences are as important as negative ones
  • Knows that being proactive is an effective prevention tool
  • Understands that talking with students is crucial to changing behavior


The Students

  • Become good citizens
  • Be part of the "WE" culture
  • Get involved


The Parents

  • Are informed of school’s expectations
  • Accept school priorities (academics)
  • Support school philosophy


The Student Management Team

  • Helps create a community of learners
  • Monitors Behavior
  • Follows up & assigns consequences
  • Maintains behavior records
  • Communicates with parents
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