Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

The Academy strongly encourages parents to become involved in the education of their children. However, the involvement the Academy seeks is not the sort that promotes parents to spend time in classrooms during the school day as, for example, an observer or a classroom aide. The SABIS® Educational System places teaching time among its highest priorities. Teaching time is precious. Any distraction from the teaching process causes "time away from task", and is unfavorably viewed. With that said, the Academy therefore discourages parents or guests from visiting classrooms. However, this is not to say that parents are prevented from entering classrooms to see their child, or to learn how the teacher presents lessons. We only ask that parents/guardians schedule the visit with administration in advance to minimize the distraction.

The involvement the Academy does seek is the effort parents can offer at home to support the daily instruction. For example, each student in grades 3 to 12 receives a Student Diary for each term. The student should be taking the Student Diary to each class, recording the "Teaching Points" for the day in each class, and taking notes related to the lesson that day. The Student Diary is expected to travel home with the student at day's end and return again the following class day. During evening hours we encourage Academy parents/guardians to view the Student Diary and talk with their child about the Teaching Points and the content of the lesson. Parents/Guardians who practice that extent of involvement, if not daily, then weekly, will impress upon their children the value of taking classroom notes from which to review, particularly for Periodic and Final or End of Term Exams. Furthermore, parents/guardians who require their children to participate in a quiet study time at home in the afternoon or evening, are providing the best involvement and support our Academy can expect.

In summary, some schools boast about the number of parents who participate in classrooms as they perform a variety of valuable services. The Academy does not do that. Our concern is maximizing the amount of time teachers teach. To do so we attempt to minimize the number of distractions to students. Again, the greatest service parents/guardians can provide is the support they offer at home. Of course, we expect parents to attend the activities, events, and functions promoted by the school. However, our greatest desire for parent involvement is family support in the home. The value parents/guardians place on education is often reflected in the extent of involvement they have with their child's homework and other activities. When parents show sincere interest in exactly what their child is learning, more often the student shows gains in morale, motivation, and achievement. The student's home is where we need the greatest involvement from parents/guardians.

Parent's Right to Know

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