Crystle Simpson

IAF Salutes Alumni
Crystle Simpson

"I am a 2005 graduate of the International Academy of Flint (IAF). I enrolled when the school opened in 1999 as a 7th grader and I was one of 11 graduates of the 2nd IAF graduating class in 2005.

I was accepted into Kettering University for Management. I became a co-op student and began my career with General Motors. Currently, I am a Lean Material Strategies (LMS) Plant Lead for the GM - Fort Wayne Assembly Plant in Indiana where I am responsible for all LMS activities in the Fort Wayne Assembly plant. I will celebrate 7 years of service in May of this year.

I am from an IAF family. My brother graduated in 2012, my mother served on the Board of Directors, and my father served as JV Girls Basketball Coach for a time. Our family are true believers of the SABIS® Educational System™. The most important skill that I took away from IAF was how to be a leader. I was a part of the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) for my entire IAF career, eventually serving as Head Prefect. I learned how to lead, delegate, listen, and challenge students around me. This has been a huge asset in my career as a supervisor. IAF gave us the opportunity to be in charge of our school experience, which we did with gusto. I approach every aspect of my life the same way."

International Academy of Flint

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